Our professions

JDMercury is able to provide qualified employees on the following professions

1. Any type of industry workers
2. Roofers
4. CONCRETE/beton workers/Groundworkers
5. Production staff
6. Employee for packing and sorting
7. Cleaning staff
8. Seamstress
9. Carpenter, bar bender, concreter, drywall fitter
10. Bricklayer (fillings, clinker etc.), tile fitter, plasterer, painter-plasterer
11. Steel constructions fitter (with the technical projects reading skill)
12. Welder (methods – electrode (111), half-automatic MIG MAG (135, 136 and other), TIG (141))
13. Polisher, painter, mechanic
14. Carpenter, tinsmith – roofer
15. Electrician with certificates
16. Foreman, master workman, engineer
17. Warehouse staff
18. Excavator, loader and fork-lift truck operators
19. Construction site worker
20. Driver (categories B, C, D, E)
21. Wall installers
22. Engineers with experience in the precast concrete
23. Foreman/Concrete worker with experience in formwork and iron bending
24. locksmith
25. Welder (TIG, MIG, MAG, A, E)
26. CNC (chipper, cutter, turners)
27. Heating, ventilation and plumbing installers
28. Gas Water Heater Installers
29. Electrician (domestic and industrial)
30. Spengler
31. Pipe fitters / pipe publisher

Years of experience, flexibility, honesty, perfectly developed management structure in the employee leasing, enables us to provide our services to you with full confidence and stability.